Stok Kangri

7 Days

Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri is a perfect objective for climbers to climb above 6000mts in a short span of time, and this peak is not a technical, but you should be very well acclimatized to conquer this Peak.  Once you are at the summit you can see the amazing views of the Saser Kangri (7670mts) in the Karakoram Range, Kang Yatse 6400mts. and Nun Kun (7135mts).

Highest Point: Stok Kangri Summit 6150mts
Grade: Hard
Duration: 7 Days


Our walk begins through dry and exposed land, so protection against the sun is important! After 3 hours the landscape becomes greener as we go into the Zingchen Valley, where the Rumbak River flows into the Indus. Our camp is in the small village of Zingchen, which means 'big field', where there are just two houses. The rest of the day can spent the viewing the amazing landscape, or interacting with the villagers.

Today we enter Hemis National Park, home to the famous Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Ladakhi Urial (a type of goat), great Tibetan sheep (Arghali), red fox, Tibetan wolf, wild dog (dhole), Lynx, marmot and mountain hare. We start to climb gradually up to village of Rumbak, through a beautiful gorge from which the Stok peaks come into view from time to time. Rumbak is known as a place to see and research on the magnificent Himalayan snow leopard.

The trail up to the base of Stok la (4900 m) starts fairly gradual but becomes steeper as we approach the pass. Views of the Indus valley and remarkable colorful rock formations of Stok la will diminish the hardship of the climb. We have to hike until we reach some stone houses, use by the Stok villagers for summer pasture.

Gradually we go higher into a desolate area, which is inhabited only by marmots and blue sheep. Surrounded by high mountains, we, at base camp (5020 m), will prepare our self mentally and physically for the big day.

Depending on weather and snow conditions, we leave early around 2:00 am. We go very early because snow is harder and easier to walk. Reaching the Summit its get a bit more steep, and sometimes we need to use Ice axe crampons etc. if there are heavy snow around, you will forget about the hardship as you are surrounded by one of the most beautiful sights in the Himalayas, lighted up by the slowly rising sun, Leaving the peak, we go down to Base Camp and by the time we arrive.

This morning we will not hurry and by the time we open our eyes, you realize that you have scaled a peak above 6000mts. After breakfast we will walk down to Stok, A jeep will be waiting for you to take you back to Leh.